The Wolf Of Wall Street's Favorite Miami Restaurant Is So Hard To Get Into & Not Cheap At All

He last visited with Drake! 🍝

A screenshot of the Wolf Of Wall Street. Right: The Spicy Rigatoni Vodka at Carbone.
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A screenshot of the Wolf Of Wall Street. Right: The Spicy Rigatoni Vodka at Carbone.

Jordan Belfort, famously known as "Wolf of Wall Street", has quite expensive taste, and you can't blame him as he's been to the finest eateries around the world. He listed his top five international favorites on TikTok as of August 12, and one Miami restaurant made his list.

From the U.S. to Europe, he ranked where he loves to go based on the environment to customer service and, of course, the cuisine. This one spot, in particular, is somewhere he says he frequents: Carbone in Miami.

Though he ranked it as No. 5, the entrepreneur said it was last but certainly not least.

"Here's the thing, the ambiance is top of the line. Decor, amazing, people, when you go there, they make you feel like it's your home. It's like you're own home you're eating in, right? The food is so good," he said on his TikTok.


Second and final part of my top favorite restaurants… what should I do next? Cars? Hotels? #wolfofwallstreet

The Italian celebrity hot spot is known to be extremely difficult to get a reservation. It even says on its website, that they become available 30 days in advance.

If you get into the establishment, Belfort says you must get their Spicy Rigatoni Vodka, which is a $33 dish. He describes the meal as "off the charts". Based on the menu available online, the antipasti and salads are priced between $21-$32 while the main meals’ value up to $95.

The Wolf loves the restaurant so much, he even brings his A-list friends there, like Drake, who posted a photo of the pair at one of the booths.

So many stars attend this restaurant, like the newlyweds, Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz Beckham, after the F1 Miami Grand Prix event.

It's super exclusive and a place entrepreneur says is five stars in his book.

Carbone Miami

Price: 💸💸💸

Cuisine: Italian

Address: 49 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Why You Need To Go: Jordan "Wolf Of Wall Street" Belfort gives this restaurant five stars and named it as one of his favorites on TikTok.

Accessibility: Wheelchair/stroller accessible


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Florida Associate Editor
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