Drake Has Been Spending Time At These Miami Restaurants & Fans Loved Seeing Him This Week

He mentions one of the places in a new song. 👀

Drake with a hookah. Right: Drake standing with a yellow crossbody bag on.
Florida Associate Editor

Drake with a hookah. Right: Drake standing with a yellow crossbody bag on.

Drake is back soaking up the South's sunshine again, and Florida fans can't get enough! He's been spotted at so many Miami restaurants, you never know where he'll be next.

TikTok creators have been raving about his appearances because, well, they are so casual, you wouldn't even know he was at the table next to you.

When Drake said, "Kiki, do you love me?" Everyone was desperately wanting to know who he was talking about. The amount of times he's been spotted at the Magic City's landmark restaurant, Kiki On The River, we think we know now.


you already know who he’s texting back at kiki on the river 🫢🥰 #drake #miami #kikiontheriver #drakekikidoyouloveme

This video was published one day ago. They announced his appearance there, and they even played a song from his new album Honestly, Nevermind. However, most of us do mind because that wasn't the only place people saw the rapper.

Last night, creators were on the app showing the public where he was again. This time, it was at a steakhouse, Prime One Twelve.


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The star must have been in the "305" for a week because six days ago he was found at Pharrell Williams' restaurant, Swan Miami.

The TikToker said he sent Drake a message that there was a table for him at the restaurant and he actually showed up.

The artist is no stranger to the Magic City. He celebrated his album release at famous clubs, like STORY, and even put on his own social media page that he's previously spent time at the Setai Hotel and Carbone.

At Carbone, he was with Jordan "The Wolf of Wall Street" Belfort. You never know if you'll see him in town and who he might be with!

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Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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