A Fan Fell Off The Balcony At Drake's Apollo Theatre Concert & He Stopped The Show (VIDEO)

A light was knocked out of place from the fall.

Drake's concert from the second floor. Right: Drake in a YSL sweater.
Florida Associate Editor

Drake's concert from the second floor. Right: Drake in a YSL sweater.

Drake held an exclusive concert at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York over the weekend hosted by SiriusXM and fans were so excited, one of them literally fell off the second-floor balcony.

A video published on Twitter shows the impact of the tumble, where you can see the guy on the left side of the camera crash into the people on the first floor.

According to Insider , crew members rushed over to the artist to let him know what was happening. The Canadian rapper stopped the show to make sure those involved were OK.

The lights were turned on for safety matters and one light that was hanging under the balcony was knocked out of place from the incident.

The production staff worked quickly to fix it, and when it was clear that everyone was alright and nobody was injured, the show continued.

This was reportedly on the second night of the exclusive performance. Those who were invited had to enter a sweepstake with SiriusXM because Drake has a new channel with the streaming service, Sound 42.

Registered members with the music app could listen out for a pop-up message that gave them access to win two tickets. There was also an option to apply by mail.

The artist paid tribute to so many of his popular songs as far back as the ones from his first album. Variety reported that audience members even got complimentary drinks as well as a T-Shirt.

Drake also announced that he will be going on tour this summer, but tickets are not officially on sale just yet.

Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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