Drake Threw An Exclusive Concert In New York & Everything To Know About His Upcoming Tour

Here's why you didn't know about it.

Drake performing at the Apollo. Right: The Apollo Theatre.
Florida Associate Editor

Drake performing at the Apollo. Right: The Apollo Theatre.

Drake threw the most exclusive two-night concert at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York on January 21-22 and while he was onstage, he teased an upcoming summer tour.

The performance over the weekend was invite-only through SiriusXM. Drake has a new radio channel with the company, Sound 42, and you could only get tickets through a sweepstake.

You had to download SiriusXM, become a member, listen to his station and be prepared to hear a pop-up that would provide access to the entry form. You also could apply by mail, and the prize consisted of two tickets.


It was him wearing the Jimmy Brooks jersey for me #drake #theapollo #21savage #marvinsroom #jimjones #dipset #fyp #fy #datenight #concert #newyork

While the rapper's concert was supposed to be one night only, it kept getting postponed, and since it was in such high demand, they added a second show.

According to Variety, each audience member received complimentary drinks and a free T-Shirt.

The star sang all of his hits, starting way back to his first album and he even made reference to his days as an actor playing Jimmy Brooks on Degrassiwearing the "school" jersey.

There were so many surprises for his fans, like bringing out 21 Savage and Lil Uzi Vert to perform with him. However, what put everyone on the edge of their seats was Drake's upcoming tour announcement.


Drake pretty much announced a Summer Tour this year with 21 Savage during his his first of two shows at The Apollo tonight #drake #21savage #tour #fyp

During his song "Started From The Bottom," he freestyled his own lyrics.

"I just think it's funny how it goes. This summer, man, I'm back on the road 100 million for some shows," he said.

Though his tickets aren't out on TicketMaster just yet, some TikTok creators found his exclusive dates touring around the U.S. starting as early as May 26.

There is a lot of buzz already around his upcoming tour, so it's important to have everything ready when you go to buy your tickets.

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Florida Associate Editor
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