Drake Had A Cute Father-Son Moment With Adonis & Treated Him To A 'Big Day Out' (PHOTOS)

Drake's in dads mode!

Drake braiding Adonis's hair.

Drake braiding Adonis's hair.

Drake and his son Adonis have had some serious bonding time lately!

The Canadian rapper shared a few sweet moments between him and his five-year-old son on Instagram, from braiding his hair to taking him for a "big day out."

In an Instagram post, Adonis sits between Drake's legs, holding a basketball and seemingly zoning out as his dad braids his blonde curls into two braids on either side of his head, matching Drake's own hairstyle.

The adorable twinning moment is even cuter given that Drake and Adonis are basically wearing identical outfits with blue-washed jeans and white t-shirts.

The only difference is that Drake has a jersey pulled over his white tee.

In the photo series, Drake also shared a video of his mom Sandi Graham sporting a shiny new watch he gifted her.

In the video, Drake calls Adonis over to check out his grandma's new watch, and Drake assures him that he can have one, too, when he gets older.

While he may not have gotten a new watch, Adonis got to see his dad perform.

Drake posted a photo series of him performing on stage and hugging Adonis from behind.

In one of the slides, Adonis looks like he's backstage wearing noise-cancelling headphones as Drake reaches out and puts his hand on his shoulder.

Drake captioned the series, "Adonis's Big Day Out."

Adonis looks like he had a good time tagging along with his Dad for what might have been the coolest career day in history!

The rapper is currently in the midst of his North American tour of It's All A Blur. He'll be performing in Toronto on Friday, October 6 and Saturday, October 7. Fingers crossed Adonis makes an appearance!

Brooke Houghton
Brooke Houghton is a contributing writer for Narcity Media based in Toronto, Ontario.