After a long work week, you need a serious cocktail. Visit King's Dining & Entertainment in Doral, a restaurant that literally serves drinks by the gallon. These giant cocktails will take the edge off while you enjoy tangy tropical flavors.

King's offers three specialty cocktails in a giant 1.5-gallon glass. You can order the 1.5 Gallon Mai Thai, Mojito, or Flocking Flamingo, a citrusy vodka drink. These tropical drinks are tasty and supersized.

King's also has tasty comfort food options to go with your massive mojito, including melty mac and cheese, loaded tacos, a giant pretzel, and a gooey grilled cheese. You can also order crowd favorites like nachos and wings. 

They also serve giant desserts like the Oreo Mega Shake or Oreo Mega Sundae, each topped with an Oreo as big as your head. You can also order the huge Chocolate Chip Cookie Shake, one of their many decadent milkshakes. 

King's isn't just a restaurant, it's also a bowling alley complete with disco balls on the ceiling. Play a round or two while you enjoy massive drinks and desserts. You can book this unique space for events here.

Explore King's Dining's Instagram page here. If you're in Central Florida but in need of a big drink, the restaurant also has a location in Orlando.

Try a 1.5-gallon drink at King's Doral for a larger-than-life experience. These massive cocktails are designed for four or more people, so remember to drink responsibly! 

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King's Dining and Entertainment

Price: 💸

Cuisine: American

Address: 3450 NW 83rd Ave, Suite 152, Doral, FL 33122

Why You Need To Go: Take a load off after the work week with a huge, tasty drink at King's. Try the 1.5 Gallon Mai Thai, Mojito, or Flocking Flamingo.