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I Burned H-E-B's Butter Tortilla Scented Candle In My House & Now It Smells Like A Movie Theatre

I had high hopes. I really did. 🫓

Brittany Cristiano holding the Butter Tortilla Candle. Right: The candle burning.

Brittany Cristiano holding the Butter Tortilla Candle. Right: The candle burning.

Texas Staff Writer

I love a good pack of H-E-B tortillas, which taste best straight out of the store's heating box which radiates a warm, comforting heat to maintain the freshness. If you're like me, you could also eat one or two for a midnight snack because they are just that good.

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When I learned that the Texas chain grocery store came out with a candle that reflects the exact flavor of their famous baked good, I honestly wasn't surprised one bit because I'm a Texan and I know the store is full of random Lone Star State-inspired items.

People love the smell of the tortillas in the shop's famous tortilleria area.

I was, evidently, incredibly intrigued at how its smell would carry inside of people's houses. To me, it was always something you enjoyed getting a whiff of during a shopping trip and that was it.

Also, I'm a candle fiend and love all sorts of smells, so I figured why the hell not, let me try burning it.

The Experience


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Firstly, of course, I had to take advantage of H-E-B's delivery service powered by Favor. I ordered the item on the mobile app at 4 p.m. and literally had it delivered right to my doorstep.

While us humans can't smell a thing on the outside, my puppy couldn't get enough of sniffing it to the point I had to hide it in the cabinet until I was ready to use the item.

I got a 14 oz candle, and it cost $12.36. It came with two wicks, which is always a plus for me as there's usually only one.

It wasn't an intense smell at first, which is unlike other candles I've burned, but after giving it thirty minutes, I started to notice how overwhelming the salty, rich flavor of butter began permeating the space.

The Verdict

I was hoping it would keep the integrity of the floury smell like the scent of the warming box at the store, but nope. Not at all.

It's sad to say, but the candle made my house smell like a movie theater that just popped a fresh batch of popcorn. Where's the comforting floury smell? Where are the notes of starchy, baked goods?

The H-E-B Butter Tortilla candle burning.The H-E-B Butter Tortilla candle burning.Brittany Cristiano | Narcity

According to the candle's description, it's supposed to make you feel "nostalgic" for your favorite items from the grocer. Instead, when I closed my eyes for just a second it felt like I was actually at the Cinemark concession stand instead of my living room.

I had high hopes. I really did — I don't think H-E-B can miss with their products, but this candle isn't deserving of saying it reminds people of their famous tortillas.

I know there's a place for this candle flavor in someone's heart, just not in mine. Probably someone who's obsessed with butter.

Nevertheless, I'm excited to try the other choices from the Flavor Favorites collection like Mango Chamoy or Texas Sweet Tea.

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