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A Human Fetus Was Found By Police Officers In A Texas Park & It Was In A Shallow Grave

The alleged suspects are teenagers.

A shallow grave.

A shallow grave.

Desk Editor, Texas

Police authorities are investigating the discovery of what appears to be a small human fetus inside a shallow grave located at a park in the city of Brenham, Texas, a community located a little over 70 miles away from Houston.

Officers with the Brenham Police Department met with potential witnesses who had called to report suspicious activity at the Hohlt Park installations on Sunday, January 22.

According to an official press release, witnesses reported seeing several subjects walking to the parking lot of the area after emerging from the woods. One person said the demeanor and behavior of these people were concerning, and that’s what prompted the call to the authorities.

After researching the area, agents found a dead human fetus inside the grave.

Police officers said two teenagers — a female and a male — were seen returning from where the fetus was found with a shovel, according to ABC13.

Detectives and crime scene investigators arrived at the scene to collect and process evidence.

Further investigation is still underway, and additional witnesses are being interviewed by the police.

The fetus has been sent to the Fort Bend County Medical Examiner’s office, located in the community of Rosenberg, for an autopsy.

It is unknown if this case was a self-inducted abortion or a miscarriage. There is no other official information available at this time.

This article's cover image was used for illustrative purposes only.

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