A Texas Gas Station Blares Opera Music In The Parking Lot & It Keeps People From Hanging Out

The owner plays the music 24/7.

The exterior of a 7-Eleven store.
Texas Staff Writer

The exterior of a 7-Eleven store.

Texans hanging around a certain gas station in the state capital might be met with opera music blaring throughout the parking lot. Though it seems to be an interesting choice for a convenience store's background music, it's actually entirely intentional.

The owner of a 7-Eleven in South Austin, TX, Jagat Patel, told KVUE he has been playing non-stop opera tunes loudly in an effort to deter loiterers, homeless people and anyone who messes with his property.

"Three or four people [...] coming to your window asking for money or stuff they need, and, a lot of time when the customer declines, they will kick the tire or get upset," the business owner told the local news station. "So it’s affecting our business."

Despite the blaring shrills of opera playing outside 24/7, Patel says he's seen a positive effect on his business since he started using the dissuasion tool.

He said customers now tell him they are no longer being approached by these solicitors asking them for something.

This unique musical method wasn't originally Patel's idea. Music deterring has been around for years and is popularly used as a "crime-fighting," loiterer-abating instrument by business owners who want to repel unwanted visitors.

In fact, other 7-Eleven stores across the country have also used different types of melodies for the same reason.

In 2019, a Los Angeles Times article revealed that the convenience store company has programs to help franchise owners, which includes an optional "pre-installed" classical music system. It was apparently so popular among owners that it was hard to get.

It's not confirmed if Patel's store is a part of this program, but the popular method seems to work for him.

Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
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