A Northerner Visited A Buc-ee's Gas Station For The First Time & These Items Confused Her

"It was like a fever dream."

Texas Staff Writer
People inside a Buc-ee's. Right: Carpets and animal hides sold at a Buc-ee's.

People inside a Buc-ee's. Right: Carpets and animal hides sold at a Buc-ee's.

When on a road trip, you always look out for the nicest-looking spot on the route that you think could offer the cleanest restrooms and the yummiest snack options.

Buc-ee's is just that and so much more for Texans and southerners blessed with the gas station and convenience store chain in their area. However, the famous roadside store goes beyond the regular fill stop, offering an array of painfully southern products that often shock visitors who aren't used to the Buc-ee's flair.

TikToker Valerie (@valeriemf1valeriemf1), a self-proclaimed "blissfully unaware northerner," recently visited a Buc-ee's and said her first-time experience left her feeling "more confused than ever."


Valerie on TikTok

A few of the products the visitor was absolutely shocked to see for sale at the gas station include the extravagant home decor selection, actual animal hide rugs, and the Buc-ee's logo on just about every clothing and boutique item that left herself asking the age-old question, "what is a Bucee?" (It is a beaver, FYI).

The northerner also mentioned that the entire place smelled like barbecue, thanks to the brisket and jerky stations.

All of that made for a "fever dream"-like the experience for Valerie, who went viral when she shared it to social media, earning 1.1 million views and over a thousand comments from people sharing their favorite parts about Buc-ee's.

A part of the comment section on the viral Buc-ee's TikTok.A part of the comment section on the viral Buc-ee's TikTok.valeriemf1 | TikTok

"You didn't even point out the different countertops you can buy," a user commented.

Yes. Several gas station locations sell granite countertop slabs you can purchase for your home.

Another person had to let the northerner in on the glory of Buc-ee's fashion choices with sayings dedicated to some of the iconic products sold there.

"I got a onesie for my baby there that says, 'The road to my heart is paved with beaver nuggets,' and it's my most prized possession," the user wrote.

The content creator responded to the previous comment by asking what a beaver nugget was.

We guess she'll just have to head back to Buc-ee's for the sweet and salty caramel corn snack exclusive to the store.

Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
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