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Costco has said that the price of hot dogs from the food court will stay the same "forever" even as people deal with higher food costs now due to inflation.

During a fourth-quarter earnings call on September 22, executives were asked about the retailer's decision to draw a line for the prices of certain items despite inflation and what could be done to offset that.

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Do you shamelessly use coupons because you hate missing out on savings? Well, you should probably heed Ontario's latest gas predictions then, friend.

According to Dan McTeague, gas analyst and president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, prices at the pumps will rise by 2 cents on Thursday, bringing totals up to 148.9 cents per litre for spots like Toronto, Ottawa, Windsor, and Niagara.

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There's more to Costco Canada than just their bulk deals. In fact, I think a trip to Costco is one of the best shopping experiences out there and that's for one reason and one reason alone: those free samples.

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The Costco items you should and shouldn't buy are being shared by Canadian TikTokers if you want advice on what to spend your money on.

You can find so many tips, tricks and hacks when it comes to Costco on TikTok, including ones from TikTokers couponcutiecanada and lifebyjessica.

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Costco Canada is the one-stop shop for massive quantities of basically anything.

A run to your local Costco almost always means coming back home stocked up for months and months with a whole lot of stuff you didn't plan on buying.

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