Ontario's Winter Weather Forecast Was Just Revealed & Here's When To Expect Heavy Snow

It'll be here sooner than you think. 😭🥶

​People walking in the snow in Ontario. Right: People pushing a car stuck in snow in Ontario.

People walking in the snow in Ontario. Right: People pushing a car stuck in snow in Ontario.

Sorry to interrupt your summer, but Ontario's winter weather forecast has been revealed, and it's a mess.

According to the Farmers' Almanac, the province is in for a challenging and stormy cold season this year, with residents seeing heavy snow by as early as late November.

Snow will first make its way onto the scene toward the end of fall, with "accumulating" amounts and colder weather showing up in the forecast by November 4 to 7.

Ontario's first full-on blast of wintry conditions won't come until the end of the month, though, when unsettled weather develops, causing "heavy snows" of up to 30 centimetres to sweep over areas surrounding the Great Lakes.

"Places to the south and east of the storm track (the Maritimes) will see a good number of cold rains and storms filled with snow, sleet, ice and rain," the Almanac states. "Areas north and west of this active track — Labrador, Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario and the Great Lakes — will more often-than-not will see winter's precipitation fall as snow, and sometimes a lot of it."

Despite things getting snowy early, Ontarians could miss out on having a white Christmas as things are slated to turn mild from December 24 to 27, leaving residents soaked by showers and wet snow during the holidays.

Hopes for early spring have also been dashed, with snow and cold staying in the forecast until the end of March 2023.

"Expect a lion-like end to March, with a wide variety of weather ranging from heavy snows to torrents of rain to gusty thunderstorms and stormy weather across much of the nation," it adds.

Patrick John Gilson
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