Ontario's Weather Forecast Predicts The Coldest Temps In Years & It'll Be Bone-Chilling

Wear two pairs of socks! 🥶

The CN tower in winter.

The CN tower in winter.

The arrival of a polar vortex could bring some seriously chilly weather to parts of Ontario this week.

The Weather Network (TWN) predicts that seasonal weather will return to the province in February, with several provincial regions now on track to record their coldest temperatures in years.

Eastern cities, in particular, such as Ottawa, Pembroke, Cornwall and Kingston will be heavily affected by the dip, with the former already recording lows of -13 degrees on Tuesday.

But they aren't outliers.

Toronto was already forced to issue an extreme cold alert on Monday. A warning that's only triggered when temperatures reach -15 degrees or below or when the wind chill is -20 degrees or colder, according to TWN.

"Chilly days and nights are exactly what is in the cards this week for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), thanks to the cold air associated with the polar vortex, which is usually locked in place near the poles," Nicole Karkic, a TWN meteorologist. "This week, the infamous polar vortex will flood south."

But it's not just city dwellers that'll be reaching for hand warmers, southern Ontario, on average, will be 5 to 10 degrees colder this week.

Some areas are also set to see heavy snowfall on Tuesday, with places like Barrie, Collingwood and Hillsdale expected to experience poor visibility and accumulation of up to 5 centimetres.

Thankfully, the freezing conditions won't last long, with the cold expected to ease up by the end of the weekend. However,
TWN's concluded its report by reminding residents to be prepared for messy conditions in February.

Winter tires are officially a must.

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Patrick John Gilson
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