Canada Just Recorded Its Coldest Temperature In Years Thanks To The Polar Vortex

It will make you feel cold just thinking about it.🥶❄️
Coldest Temperature In Canada Since 2017 Was Just Recorded Thanks To The Polar Vortex
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Talk about chilly! The coldest temperature in Canada since 2017 was recorded this weekend and it’s all thanks to the bone-chilling polar vortex.

In a report shared on Monday, February 8, The Weather Network revealed that temperatures in some regions felt as low as -60 C with the wind chill on Sunday.

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-51.9 C The temperature on Sunday

This is all thanks to a “prominent lobe” of the polar vortex, which settled over the western parts of the country on Sunday, creating the “coldest Canadian temperatures in years.”

In fact, it was so frigid that sophisticated weather satellites were “perplexed” by the figures being recorded.

In some regions, record-breaking conditions were reported.

Wekweèti in the Northwest Territories confirmed a -51.9 C reading, which is Canada's coldest temperature since March 2017.

With the wind chill, this reportedly felt closer to -60 C.

Records were matched or exceeded in the Prairies too, where Uranium City recorded -48.9 C, while Key Lake in Saskatchewan experienced conditions of -48.2 C.

Fort Chipewyan in Alberta set a new record of -47.2 C, too.

While the painfully cold temperatures have eased-off a little, some Canadians must prepare for the polar vortex to hang around a little longer.

According to The Weather Network, residents located between Manitoba and Alberta should expect the freezing conditions to stick around, “as an Arctic high refuses to budge in Western Canada.”

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