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Canada Is Getting Hardly Any Snow This Winter & Even Texas Is Putting Us To Shame

Texas is making Alberta look like a desert.

Over the past few months, Canada's weather has been uncharacteristically warm and we've been seeing way less snow than we're used to. 

Meanwhile, places like Texas and Mississippi have experienced record-breaking snowfall over the past couple of weeks, says The Weather Network

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40 centimetres  Over the past couple of weeks in Texas. 

While 40 centimetres of snow doesn't sound all that wild for places like Edmonton and Halifax, for example, it's definitely making our Canadian cities look like tropical destinations. 

Over the past 42 days, Edmonton got only 3.4 centimetres and Halifax got 39. 

Meanwhile, in only 14 days Texas got their mind-blowing 40 centimetres.

The Network predicts that Edmonton will be getting some snow on Wednesday, January 13, but not much. 

Winnipeg can expect some for themselves on Thursday. 

Meanwhile, snow in eastern Canada may not be in the books this week. 

This article's cover photo on the right is for illustrative purposes only. 

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