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Winter has been surprisingly mild in the province this year, however, the latest Ontario weather forecast is looking to change that.

According to The Weather Network, parts of the province will get up to 10 centimetres of snow through Wednesday thanks to an active pattern. 

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Areas up by cottage country and into eastern Ontario are expected to see the most accumulation. 

However, areas around Niagara Falls and London can also see a dusting. 

If a forecast of heavy snowfall doesn't bother you, perhaps, the freezing rain will.

A bout of freezing drizzle is already prompting advisories for areas surrounding the Greater Toronto Area on Tuesday. 

"Freezing drizzle can produce thin, hard-to-detect layers of ice," Environment Canada warns.

"Take extra care when walking or driving in affected areas," the statement adds.

Ontario's warm winter will come to an end this month with messy snowstorms expected to land in its final week.

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