6 Photos That Show Just How Much Of A Struggle The Snow Was For Ontario Drivers Today

From speeding tickets to uncleared windshields, police had their hands full.
Ontario Editor
Ontario Drivers Just Couldn't Handle The Snow Today (PHOTOS)

As snow continues to fall across the province, it seems that some Ontario drivers have forgotten how to use their winter tires. 

Environment Canada is currently warning of heavy snowfall that is expected to last until Wednesday. 

Due to this, the weather agency is reminding drivers to be prepared for some pretty treacherous conditions. 

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However, it seems that some drivers have forgotten exactly what winter driving entails.

Throughout Tuesday, multiple police units took to social media to warn residents to slow down and drive carefully.

Despite this, London police even stated that their unit had their hands full this morning due to multiple accidents. 

Police also reported that multiple drivers were using the roads with uncleared windshields. 

The violation, which could land you a $110 fine, was reported twice by London police. 

Others were also caught driving double the speed limit, despite the dangerous weather. 

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