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Southern Ontario Is Set To Have A Mild Winter While BC's Will Be 'Cold & Stormy'

Canada's winter weather forecasts are out, and they're abnormal. ☀️❄️

For the first time in what feels like forever, southern Ontario's winter could be on the milder side, while British Columbia is in for a cold and stormy one.

According to The Weather Network's winter forecast, the country is in for a variety of conditions.

Western Canada is supposed to see some severe cold fronts, broken up with winter storms, while Ontario and the Maritimes will get milder weather and record-breaking winter warmth over the season.

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British Columbia will remain on the milder side for the first half of December, reports The Weather Network.

But don't get too comfortable, British Columbians — midway through December, a cold front is set to hit and could remain throughout most of January and February.

Southern Ontario, on the other hand, will see a milder winter than usual. This doesn't mean there won't be cold fronts, though.

The most exciting part of Southern Ontario's winter forecast is that there will likely be snow on the ground for Christmas.

Northern Ontario is set to be somewhere in the middle, with colder weather in the western region and milder in the east. However, snowfall amounts will be mostly normal.

For once, Ontarians didn't get the short (or cold) end of the stick! 

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