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Snow Spotted In Nova Scotia & The Pictures Are Epic

It's snowing!? That is the question being asked after some Canadians woke up to a blanket of white snow this morning, in October.

Residents from a town called Antigonish, in Nova Scotia, were in for a big surprise when they looked out of their windows and saw snow covering the ground and in some cases, mounted on their cars.

They quickly took to social media to share the news and show the rest of Canada just how epic the precipitation got so early in the year.

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One resident woke up to her car covered in snow, but was very cheerful and welcomed the unexpected mix of seasons into town.

Another resident shared an image of the white stuff that could fool anyone into thinking it was the month of December. The trees are bare and the blanket of snow is leaving no room for exposed concrete.

This video showcases what appears to be a mix of wet conditions.

The blanket of snow that fell on this golf club in Nova Scotia was intense too.  

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