The Polar Vortex Is About To Plunge Down On Canada & Some Parts Will See Lows Of -40 C

It's about to get frosty. 🥶
The Polar Vortex Is About To Plunge Down On Canada & Alberta Will Be As Cold As -40 C

It's happening. The polar vortex will be plunging down on Canada beginning on Friday, February 5. 

The Weather Network has shared the chilling news that most of Canada will be in the path of a freezing weather system this week "with the Prairie region in line for the coldest conditions, by far." 

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By Sunday, some parts of the region will struggle to reach even the negative 30-degree mark, with wind chills making it feel closer to -40s and -50s.  The Weather Network 

Parts of Alberta and Saskatchewan should brace for snow up to 10 centimetres on Friday. 

Meanwhile, arctic air will be sweeping through, covering the Prairies with unrelenting cold. 

Even in the middle of the day, temperatures won't reach as high as -30 C and will likely feel more like -40 C thanks to the windchill

The Weather Network says that parts of Canada will be more frigid than the Arctic during this intense cold snap. 

Sunday will be the worst day by far, so you should probably plan for an indoor day. 

Sadly, it doesn't end there, with the "dangerously cold temperatures sticking around for the rest of the week."