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Canadian Guy Invented 'Sailbogganing' During A Hectic Storm & He's Going Viral (VIDEO)

Western Canada has been experiencing some record-breaking wind this week. 

One man in Regina, Saskatchewan took full advantage of the ice and wind during the blizzard and fashioned what he affectionately refers to as a "sailboggan."

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"It's windy and icy...SAILBOGGAN," he shouts at the beginning of the video. 

His contraption is made up of a plastic toboggan, some plastic piping and several black trash bags. 

Reminiscent of a windsurfing board, this invention shows that you don't need an ocean or, you know, warmth to have a good time.  

We see the Saskatchewan man ripping around and taking a couple of tumbles in the process. 

Filmed on January 13, this video took place in the midst of a storm that brought winds over 130 kilometres per hour to western Canada. 

While the rest of us were cowering indoors, this guy was out there making history with his new invention. This is the exact kind of energy we need to see in 2021. 

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