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On Wednesday, January 13, extreme Alberta winds whipped through the province leaving a path of destruction behind. 

The Weather Network referred to the event as "one of the strongest and more dynamic clippers in recent history." 

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While many places across the provinces reported winds of 100 km/hr, a town near Taber clocked speeds of 137 km/hr.

As a result, trees were ripped from the earth, roofs were torn off of homes, and everything from farming equipment to semi-trucks was tipped over

Over in Saskatchewan, a wild blizzard ensued with wind gusts limiting visibility and stranding motorists. 

The Weather Network reports that the wind and snow will be hitting Manitoba on Thursday.

While experts predict that the dreaded polar vortex is on the horizon, Canadians have experienced a pretty mild winter thus far. 

If this week is any indication of what we're in for, we may be looking at a grim couple of months. 

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