It wouldn't be winter in Canada without a giant, unforgiving polar vortex

According to the Weather Network, parts of the country will be seeing wind chills as low as -50 C this week as Arctic air blows southward and eastward. 

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Daytime highs plunging into the -40s and -50s in Northern Canada The Weather Network

"As the week progresses, the cold air will start to shift eastward throughout, and by mid-week, parts of Eastern Canada will see the extreme cold," the Network continues. 

Quebec will be receiving its coldest temperatures of the season with Montreal and Quebec City getting their worst windchill so far. 

Ontario will be freezing, too, but not as bad as the -40 C that's predicted for Quebec. 

"By Thursday, most of Canada will be entrenched in the chill, with below freezing temperatures across the country and frigid, downright dangerous wind chills in the North," the Weather Network predicts. 

As for the north, Yellowknife might be getting nine days in a row of -30 C. We're so sorry, Yellowknife. 

This type of cold can be really dangerous, so be sure to layer up and bring emergency kits if you're driving. Or, better yet, just stay the heck inside!