Well, if this isn't just the most Albertan thing we've ever seen. An Alberta monolith has reportedly appeared and its origins are a total mystery. 

According to Lethbridge Now, the large metal structure is located in Lethbridge, A.B., on the north side of Whoop Up Drive. Yes, it's beside a freeway. 

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Photos of the big cylindrical pyramid emerged on Sunday, December 13 and apparently, no one has any idea how it got there. 

Earlier in 2020, one was spotted in Utah.

More recently, another was found in Manitoba

According to The Guardian, many people have considered them to be an extraterrestrial phenomenon, but the materials are all-too-human.  

They seem to be appearing rapidly, so we are left to wonder where the next will be. 

As quickly as they arrive, they seem to disappear. Word on the street is that's it's already gone.

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