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Canada's 2021 Winter Forecast Is Here & Half Of The Country Is Getting Hit Way, Way Harder

A huge chunk of Canada is in for a "bitterly cold winter" with a whole lot of snow. 🥶

Because everyone is longing for a little bit of predictability, we're excited to share that we've got a peek into the future to share with you, in the form of Canada's 2021 winter forecast

While we love a heads up, we're not exactly crazy about the brutal, frigid conditions that will be hitting poor, sweet Western Canada.

The Weather Network is calling the upcoming months a "season of extremes" and honestly, what else would you expect? 

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A wide variety of extreme weather is expected across Canada during the upcoming winter season. This should make for a memorable winter for much of the country.  The Weather Network

Don't you sweat over there in the East, the "severe cold" will be focusing on Western Canada. 

B.C. will be looking at a "cold and stormy winter" later in the season. Luckily, the first half of December is expected to be nice and balmy. 

Alberta is in for a "bitterly cold winter" with above-normal snowfall. Thankfully, the first half of December is supposed to feel like autumn. 

Saskatchewan and Manitoba can look forward to frigid conditions and a whole lot of snow with a nice warm intro to December like Alberta and B.C. 

Most of the east will be welcoming a mild winter with a white Christmas. Though, as you can likely predict, Newfoundland and Labrador will be getting a whole whack of snow as per usual. 

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