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6 Bright Blue Frozen Lakes In The Rockies That You Can Glide Across This Winter

The perfect excuse to leave the city. 😍

It's time to finally embrace everything wonderful about winter. In the Canadian Rockies, the snowtopped mountains and endless holiday vibes might be enough to make you forget how cold it is. Above all else, skating in Alberta is complete and total magic.

Picture yourself gliding along a clear, frozen lake with crisp alpine air in your lungs and stunning mountains everywhere you turn. It really doesn't get much better. 

Also, skating makes you feel like a kid again and you know we love all things nostalgia. So, take a gander at the list below and pick out the location for your next Rocky Mountain ice skating adventure.

Before skating, always check the conditions and exercise ice safety at all times. 

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Vermilion Lakes

Where: West of Banff, Alberta

Why You Need To Go: This series of lakes just outside of Banff is perfect for anyone who loves a good sunrise or sunset. The surrounding mountains are positively breathtaking and it's just far enough away from town that you get more twinkling stars than you could ever imagine.

Lake Minnewanka

Where: Banff National Park

Why You Need To Go: This well-known lake in Banff National Park is the perfect place to lace up your skates this winter. The surface feels neverending so you can get a little cardio in while admiring the jaw-dropping views.

Johnson Lake

Where: Banff, AB

Why You Need To Go: This glacial lake is the perfect place for a little midday skate. Not far from downtown Banff, you can drive out for a quick session whenever the mood strikes. It's the perfect spot for an unforgettable game of shinny with views of Cascade Mountain.

Two Jack Lake

Where: Banff National Park

Why You Need To Go: Two Jack is known for its stunning, emerald colouring and sometimes you can even see the vibrancy when it's frozen. This lake is also along the Minnewanka loop road, so you can make a last-minute call as to where you'd like to go.

Lake Louise

Where: Lake Louise, Alberta

Why You Need To Go: In front of the Fairmont Château Lake Louise is the iconic turquoise lake itself. While everyone knows about those strikingly blue waters, not everyone is aware that the lake turns into a giant skating rink every winter. It's just as stunning as you're picturing. Oh, and there are tons of beautiful ice sculptures, as well.

Abraham Lake

Where: North Saskatchewan River, Western AB

Why You Need To Go: We would be remiss if we didn't mention Alberta's famous ice bubble lake. Abraham Lake is known far and wide for its beautiful frozen bubbles and you really need to see it with your own eyes to believe it.