Canada's Province With The Most Active COVID-19 Cases Right Now Isn't Quebec Or Ontario

Plot twist. 😳
COVID-19 In Canada: Province With The Most Active COVID-19 Cases Isn't Quebec Or Ontario

The tables are turning and the highest number of cases for COVID-19 in Canada is no longer coming from the east. 

As of Tuesday, November 24, Alberta has the most active COVID-19 cases of all the Canadian provinces.

While the far-larger regions of Quebec and Ontario have held the top positions for the entirety of the pandemic, the prairie province has officially pulled ahead

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13,166 Cases in Alberta

National data shows Alberta at the highest count with Ontario following closely behind at 13,004 cases.

Next is Quebec with 10,997 and then Manitoba with 8,498.

Alberta has been reporting record-breaking case counts for weeks and many residents are looking to the premier, Jason Kenney, to tighten up restrictions to combat the spread. 

Trends such as #WhereIsKenney have been circulating on social media and the words "Amber Alert" were even trending following a satirical article about a search for the missing 52-year-old premier. 

The province is said to be announcing restrictions on Tuesday, November 24.