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Canadian Study Shows Over 75% Of Ex-COVID-19 Patients Have Lasting Health Problems

Some past patients had "lung scarring."

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have been following 78 people who were previously admitted to the hospital for COVID-19 in Canada

The study was aimed at understanding the lasting impacts of COVID-19 in the months following recovery. 

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76% Reported quality of life changes

Some of the lasting impacts included problems breathing, coughing, weakness, sleep issues, anxiety, and depression. 

As reported by CTV News, one-fifth of the ex-patients who were tested had CT scans that showed lung scarring. 

According to the research: "[...] a third of patients report[ed] at least moderate impairment in major dimensions of quality of life."

The study's report does acknowledge that it was limited by the lack of data they were able to collect, having only had 78 participants.  

Though, the conclusion was that "over 75% of patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 have abnormal patient-reported outcome measures 3 months after symptom onset."

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