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Indigenous Chief Calls Discovery Of 751 Unmarked Graves A ‘Crime Against Humanity'

"We will find more bodies and we will not stop until we find all of our children," said Bobby Cameron in a heartbreaking statement.

On Thursday, June 24, a press conference was held following the discovery of hundreds of unmarked graves at the site of the former Marieval Indian Residential School in Saskatchewan.

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A Saskatchewan First Nation Says It Has Found 'Hundreds' Of Bodies In Unmarked Graves

The First Nation announced it had found 751 graves as of June 23.

Just weeks after an unmarked mass grave was found on the grounds of a former residential school in Kamloops, B.C., the Cowessess First Nation in Saskatchewan announced it has made another, even larger discovery of its own.

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Canadian Guy Invented 'Sailbogganing' During A Hectic Storm & He's Going Viral (VIDEO)

Canada's newest extreme sport!

Western Canada has been experiencing some record-breaking wind this week. 

One man in Regina, Saskatchewan took full advantage of the ice and wind during the blizzard and fashioned what he affectionately refers to as a "sailboggan."

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Two Young Girls Are Missing In Regina & There Is 'Concern For Their Wellbeing'

The girls are aged nine and thirteen.

Police in Regina are asking for help from the public to locate two missing girls, who haven’t been since November 1.

In a notice shared on Tuesday, November 2, the Regina Police Service confirmed that Tineil Belanger and Maria Belanger haven't been seen since Sunday afternoon.

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A Provincial NDP Candidate Gave Birth Hours Before Election Day & The Photo Is So Sweet

Her slogan was "Ready to Deliver."

Well, this is unique! On the eve of the Saskatchewan election, one of the candidates gave birth to a child and really delivered on her campaign slogan.

Aleana Young, who was running for the Saskatchewan NDP in the provincial election, announced on social media with an adorable photo that she had a baby the day before people went to the polls.

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Two Girls Are Missing In Saskatchewan & Police Are Asking For Help To Find Them

The girls are 12 and 13 years old.

Police in Saskatchewan are appealing to the public for help. Two girls are missing in Regina and officials say there is concern for their wellbeing.

In a notice shared on September 27, Regina Police confirmed that Anika Groff and Gracie Crane were missing.

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