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Canada's Summer Forecast Is Out & It Will Be A 'Sizzling' Season For Most Of The Country

Here comes the sun and "brutally hot" temperatures! ☀️

​Toronto skyline during sunset. Right: Oceanside trail in Nova Scotia.

Toronto skyline during sunset. Right: Oceanside trail in Nova Scotia.

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Get ready because Canada's summer forecast for 2022 is calling for a "sizzling" season for most of the country!

A new extended forecast from the Farmers' Almanac has been released and it gives a look ahead to Canada's weather during the hot summer season.

It's expected that this year, it will be a "sizzling summer," especially across central and western parts of Canada in the middle and end of July.

Many areas in the region will be dealing with temperature highs of 30 to 35 degrees during that time.

Around the Great Lakes in Ontario and further east, the overall averages for summer will tilt toward "seasonably warm" in terms of temperatures.

That's because "a wave of unseasonably cool air" will arrive in September to balance out a stretch of "brutally hot" conditions.

Around Canada Day, Ontario's weather is expected to feature severe thunderstorms that could be capable of producing large hail and tornadoes for western parts of the province.

The Farmers' Almanac forecasts that in early August, people should prepare for "blistering hot" temps but after the middle of the month, the most severe heat should be over.

When it comes to precipitation, it will be below normal on average for Quebec and the Maritime provinces, while Ontario will mostly get wet weather.

Out west, B.C. weather during the summer season will actually be unusually dry.

Since this is Canada, no weather forecast would be complete without a mention of snow.

The Farmers' Almanac has predicted that "much cooler weather" will make its way into Canada at the end of September, which could lead to the first snowflakes over the Rockies!

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