Canada's Summer Forecast Is Calling For Hot, Humid Weather & Intense Storms

Make sure you have sunscreen and umbrellas at the ready! ☀️⛈️

​Calgary skyline in the summer. Right: Lightning striking the CN Tower in Toronto.
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Calgary skyline in the summer. Right: Lightning striking the CN Tower in Toronto.

For those who like the heat, Canada's summer forecast is predicting hot, humid weather for some parts of the country but there are risks of intense storms and droughts.

AccuWeather has put out its annual summer forecast for Canada that revealed what the season has in store for the country, with some areas getting heat and humidity while others get rainy conditions.

It's predicted that La Niña will continue through the summer. The weather phenomenon typically influences the jet stream over North America.

The position of the jet stream this summer is expected to "funnel more moisture" over much of B.C., causing it to be wetter than usual in northern parts of the province.

Also, across eastern parts of the country, "wet and stormy weather will be common," with above-normal precipitation and thunderstorm activity.

From Windsor to Toronto to Ottawa, the risk of severe thunderstorms during the season is increased.

When it comes to temperatures this summer, it will be near normal in almost all of B.C., above normal in the southern Prairies and above normal in southern Ontario, Quebec and all of Atlantic Canada!

Drought conditions in southern Alberta and Saskatchewan are expected to "feed the heat through the summer" and cities like Calgary and Regina will get a hotter season than normal.

Since there will be extra moisture in the air from Ontario to Quebec, AccuWeather has forecast that the summer will be more humid, and that means warmer nights.

Humid conditions are also expected in Atlantic Canada along with warmer than normal temperatures.

Recently, an extended forecast put out by the Farmers' Almanac revealed that Canada is in for a "sizzling summer," with stretches of "brutally hot" conditions and "blistering" temperatures!

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