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A Wild Storm Is Rolling Through Ontario & The Videos Are Terrifying

It has caused so much damage!

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A car crushed by a tree. Right: Trees blown into the street.

A car crushed by a tree. Right: Trees blown into the street.

Ontario's weather has been hectic as a storm ripped through the province, causing damage in southern regions including Brampton, Scarborough, Markham, Ajax, London and Mississauga, just to name a few.

According to Environment Canada, the storm hit the province in the afternoon of Saturday, May 21, and brought winds as high as 130 km/h along with hail that ranged from the size of a nickel to the size of a toonie.

Environment Canada described the situation as "dangerous" and "potentially life-threatening." It also cited that wind gusts could destroy buildings with "tornado-like damage" and that large hail could "damage property and cause injury."

After the storm tore through the southern Ontario region, Twitter was flooded with videos of the storm and its aftermath.

While some places merely saw high winds, heavy rain and lightning, the storm really tore through some communities, knocking down trees and damaging houses.

Some of the affected areas include Brampton, Mississauga, London, Markham, Toronto, Ajax and Scarborough.

The storm ripping seen from a high rise condo in Brampton.The storm ripping seen from a high rise condo in Brampton.

Videos posted on social media show shingles being ripped off of roofs by the wind, as well as scaffolding falling down onto the middle of a street.

Also, clips show how intense the storm was in some places with the wind and rain pounding houses, roads and neighbourhoods.

There are photos of trees being knocked down across Ontario as well.

One Twitter user posted photos of a tree that had fallen on top of cars and on the road, saying, "Well, that was a doozy."

Another video shows trees down in a neighbourhood in London, some of which appear to have taken down power lines.

In one clip, a tree had even fallen onto someone's house, crushing what looks like the porch and the roof above it.

The storm is expected to continue as it goes eastward, with Environment Canada storm warnings being issued for Ottawa, Belleville, Kingston and parts of southern Quebec.

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