Canada's Weather Is Being Impacted By A Typhoon & Spring Will Go 'On Hiatus' For A Bit

Get ready for some chilly and stormy weather.

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A bus on a stormy road in Toronto. Right: People in the rain on a road in Montreal.

A bus on a stormy road in Toronto. Right: People in the rain on a road in Montreal.

Soon Canada's weather will be impacted by a typhoon from the other side of the world, and spring will go "on hiatus" across eastern parts of the country.

According to The Weather Network, the remnants of Typhoon Malakas from the Pacific Ocean will lead to "a stretch of chilly and stormy weather" for eastern Canada during the week.

Typhoon Malakas is a strong storm that moved through the western Pacific until it gradually weakened as it picked up speed and recurved toward the northern Pacific.

While the storm has since dissipated, the remnant energy of its core is now caught in the jet stream and heading toward Canada.

The Weather Network has forecast that the effects of that recurving typhoon will affect the weather across eastern Canada during the week, making it "downright chilly with a chance of snow."

Below-seasonal temperatures that are spreading over Ontario and Quebec on the weekend will stick around into the middle of the following week because of the typhoon which means it will "feel more like late February than late April."

Also, that pattern will influence a storm system heading into the region on Monday, April 18, and Tuesday, April 19.

While it's "too early" for specifics on the storm, The Weather Network said the system could produce widespread precipitation across Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada.

If you're eager for spring weather to come back from its hiatus, it is forecast that warmer-than-seasonal temperatures will return later in the week.

When it comes to what's expected during the next season, Canada's summer forecast is calling for a "sizzling" season for most of the country with "blistering hot" temperatures!

Lisa Belmonte
Trending Senior Staff Writer
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