Spring Weather In Canada Will Be All Over The Place & Here's What You Can Expect Each Month

It's forecast to be a "turbulent" and "backward" season! ☔☀️

People enjoying warm weather in Toronto. ​Right: Rainbow after a storm in Halifax.
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People enjoying warm weather in Toronto. Right: Rainbow after a storm in Halifax.

When it comes to spring weather in Canada, there's a monthly breakdown of what conditions will be like during the season this year so you can know what to expect where you live.

Before the official start of the season on March 20, the Farmers' Almanac released Canada's spring weather forecast for 2022 that calls the season "the backward spring."

That's because there will be a slow warm-up with a major late-season winter storm and northern parts of Canada are expected to experience warmer weather than southern areas.

According to The Weather Network's seasonal forecast, pockets of warm conditions will pop up but late winter weather and a "turbulent transition" are also expected.

The country has "a rocky road ahead" before consistent spring weather arrives thanks to the late blasts of winter conditions.

If you want to know what Canada's spring weather will be like throughout the season, here's a monthly breakdown from the Old Farmer's Almanac of what's forecast to happen during spring!


In southern B.C., the beginning of March will bring showers both on the coast and inland with temperatures going from mild to cool as the month goes on. Then at the end of March, the conditions will be sunny and mild!

For the Prairies, the month starts off sunny in the east but with flurries in the west. During the next few weeks, there's a mix of sun, flurries, snow showers and a flip flop between mild and cold temperatures. At the end of the month, the region will get rain and snow showers as conditions turn mild.

Throughout southern Ontario, the first weeks of March are forecast to bring a mixed bag of rainy periods, mild temperatures, snow showers, sunshine and even cold. During the last week, it will be rainy and mild in the east but cold with snow showers in the west.

In southern Quebec, each week flip flops from rain and warm temperatures to snow showers and chilly conditions.

For Atlantic Canada, March starts off sunny and mild but as the weeks go by, it gets colder and more winter-like. Periods of heavy snow are expected near the end of the month before it closes off with rain and cool temperatures.


During April in southern B.C., the month goes back and forth between rainy and sunny conditions with bursts of warm and mild temperatures throughout.

The Prairies are expected to get sunny and warm weather to start the month but then there are periods of showers and cold temperatures to end off April.

In southern Ontario, April starts with sunny but cool conditions that turn into a few weeks of rain showers. Thunderstorms are forecast in the middle of the month and then the month ends with a warm-up.

For southern Quebec, the month begins with flurries but then the skies clear and the weather turns warm. There will be periods of showers while the temperatures are warm but then a cool down happens to end April.

Atlantic Canada has quite a few times in April when there will be snow, with brief periods of rain, and most of the month is expected to be cool.


In southern B.C., May will flip flop between rainy cool periods and sunny warm periods. However, the month will end on a good note with sunny and warm conditions.

For the Prairies, most of the month will be warm with thunderstorms or rain showers expected. Near the beginning of the month, there's a brief period of cool temperatures but after that, conditions will turn warm.

During May in southern Ontario, the month starts and ends with cool conditions but in the middle, the weather is forecast to be sunny and warm with bursts of rain showers and thunderstorms.

For Southern Quebec, the first few weeks of May are expected to feature showers and cool temperatures but then it's going to get hot in western areas before a warm-up comes to the region. However, the month ends with scattered showers and cool conditions.

In the month of May, Atlantic Canada will go back and forth between rain, cool temperatures, sunny skies and warm conditions but the month comes to a close with cooler weather.


In June, which is the last month of spring, southern B.C. is forecast to start off sunny and mild but then turn cool for the rest of the month with lots of showers expected.

For the Prairies, the month starts with scattered thunderstorms and cool temperatures. Those rainy conditions continue throughout the month with brief bursts of warm and sunny conditions before summer starts.

During the month of June in southern Ontario, the weather is going to be quite stormy with thunderstorms expected almost every week. The last couple of weeks will feature warm temperatures though.

In southern Quebec, the month is full of rain showers with periods of sunny skies but temperatures will be mostly warm throughout June.

For Atlantic Canada, June is forecast to start off with hot temperatures in the north before flip-flopping between warm and cool conditions. It's also expected to be a rainy month with lots of showers in the forecast.

Spring comes to an end on June 20 and then summer arrives!

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