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Saskatchewan's Intense Storm Included Multiple Tornadoes & Ridiculous Hail (PHOTOS)

The province experienced some seriously wild weather!
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Southwest Saskatchewan's Storm Included Multiple Tornadoes & Ridiculous Hail (PHOTOS)

It was a wild afternoon for residents of southwest Saskatchewan on Saturday. Environment Canada has confirmed that at least two tornadoes touched down over the weekend, bringing some unbelievable conditions with them. As well as the thunder, lightning, heavy rain and tornadoes, there was also softball-sized hail, too!

A sunny summer’s day ended with a huge sound and light show on Saturday, when a massive storm rolled into southwest Saskatchewan in the late-afternoon.

Several tornado warnings were issued for rural municipalities throughout the southwestern region of the province on Saturday afternoon, before multiple tornadoes rolled in between 4:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

The tornadoes created extremely heavy rain and damaging winds, as well as dangerous softball-sized hail.

Environment Canada confirmed the two tornados on Saturday, but are yet to share further information about the tornado rating or any damage caused.

Per CTV News, at least one home and several vehicles near Meyronne have been damaged by the storm.

The weather agency has promised to provide their own update in the coming days.

Residents of the region took to social media to share photos and videos from the shocking storm, showcasing the terrifying tornadoes and the unbelivable hail that hammered the area.

Shortly after the storm kicked-off, Twitter was filled with visuals of the weather event, including clips of the tornado, photos of terrifying dark skies, and images of hail that was softball-sized in people’s hands.

"Here we go. Funnel cloud near Kincaid, Sk. Baseball sized hail," one person wrote.

Another local shared a photo holding the colossal hail in their hands, writing, "You could say I'm not very excited to check crops on Monday.."

After locals were treated to the impressive show, Environment Canada ended the tornado warnings at about 8 p.m. on Saturday evening.

By Sunday, mostly sunny conditions had returned to the Glenbain area of Saskatchewan. 

The first tornado, which touched down near the town of Glenbain, was confirmed by Environment Canada to be the province’s first tornado of the year.

Luckily, locals can now relax knowing that the Saskatchewan weather forecast remains generally pleasant for the next couple of days. 

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