The local health authority has issued an alert about a potential Saskatchewan super-spreader event. 

In a news release on Sunday, January 10, Saskatchewan Health Authority reported that people attended Crackers Restaurant and Karaoke Bar in Saskatoon while infectious. 

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December 23 - January 4 Potential exposure dates.

The outbreak was declared as of January 8. Sixteen cases of COVID-19 have already been identified. 

According to the release, "there is significant risk for potential second generation spread."

Therefore, anyone who attended the location between December 23 and January 4 needs to self-isolate immediately for 14 days. 

If symptoms are developed during that time people are advised to call HealthLine 8-1-1 or their family doctor. 

Even those who attended the location over 14 days ago and have not shown any symptoms are advised to get tested. 

As of January 10, Saskatchewan has reported 18,110 active COVID-19 cases in the province.