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The Details Of Saskatchewan's Vaccine Passport Just Dropped & Here's Where You'll Need It

Be sure you're in the know!

The details of Saskatchewan's vaccine passport are officially here after being teased just hours earlier by the province's premier.

During a press conference Thursday, September 16, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe announced that the province's vaccine passport is set to launch on October 1, following a rise in COVID-19 case counts and hospitalizations.

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Saskatchewan Is Getting A Vaccine Passport & Scott Moe Says 'The Time For Patience Is Over'

Government officials are not playing around.👇

Saskatchewan is officially joining a growing list of provinces that will be implementing a COVID-19 vaccine passport in Canada.

In a post on his Facebook page on September 16, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe announced sweeping health measures in response to the province's current fourth wave and increasing COVID-19 case numbers.

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Saskatchewan Is Lifting All COVID-19 Restrictions In July & You Can Even Ditch Your Mask

The final stage of reopening is coming in HOT!

On Monday, June 21, an update was announced regarding the Saskatchewan reopening plan.

According to a news release from the province, "With more than 70 per cent of residents over the age of 18 having received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, the full implementation of Step 3 of the Re-Opening Roadmap will occur on Sunday, July 11."

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A Saskatoon Karaoke Bar Became A 'Super-Spreader' Spot After 16 People Got COVID-19

There's now a "significant risk" of further exposure.

The local health authority has issued an alert about a potential Saskatchewan super-spreader event. 

In a news release on Sunday, January 10, Saskatchewan Health Authority reported that people attended Crackers Restaurant and Karaoke Bar in Saskatoon while infectious. 

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A Saskatchewan Beaver Was Caught On Video Flexing Its Intense Tail Slaps & We're Scared

Brb, adding beavers to the list of things we're afraid of.

Better watch out if you're going beaver-watching in Saskatchewan. 

A video posted by the Weather Network shows a beaver slapping its mighty tail into the water. 

The beaver's tail is so powerful that it creates a massive splash in the water that we didn't know could come from such a little creature. 

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Tom Hanks Wrote To A Saskatchewan Repairman & The Message Is So Wholesome

He also promised the man a special gift! 🎁

A Saskatchewan man has landed a pretty famous pen-pal! Hollywood actor Tom Hanks wrote to a Saskatoon repairman last month, and their exchange is so wholesome. In fact, it appears the two have an unusual passion in common.

It’s probably not every day that a Saskatoon typewriter enthusiast rubs shoulders with an Oscar-winning actor.

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