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The Polar Vortex Hitting Russia With The 'Coldest Air On Earth' Is Coming For Canada Next

Parts of Russia are well below -50 C right now! 🥶 😭

Canadians have been sitting pretty in this warmer-than-usual winter while also dreading the looming polar vortex

Meanwhile, Russia is getting slapped with brutal temperatures below -50 C and it sounds like we might be next in line for a serious chill. Luckily, it won't be anywhere near that bad. 

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By the middle of next week, colder air oozes across most of Canada, with the core of cold situated towards the western Prairies. The Weather Network

TWN also mentioned that highs in the Prairies might not even make it over the -20 Cs.

"Some cold ultimately breaks off the main lobe and squeezes east across Ontario towards Atlantic Canada, then confidence decreases," the forecast continues. 

Apparently, this weather system can be expected around January 25. 

While it's going to get chilly, it may not last. 

"Some signs point to warmer temperature anomalies cropping up once again in parts of Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada – as we turn the page on a new month," said the Network. 

While parts of Russia are seriously going through it right now, the Weather Network says that the warm winter Canada has been having is even more extreme of a weather event. 

Well, it's not exactly tropical over here, but we'll take it. 

It's beginning to look a lot like winter everywhere you go in Ontario, and some spots are in for a snowy treat.

The Weather Network predicts that Ontario's weather will blast the province with some snow from Thursday into Sunday, with some areas getting up to 15 centimetres on the weekend.

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