Arctic Air Is 'Plunging' South Over All Of Canada & It Will Bring 'Unusually Cold Weather'

Get ready for "an abnormal chill" to set it! ❄️

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​Person waiting for a bus in Montreal while it snows. Right: Snow-covered park in Toronto with the CN tower in the background.

Person waiting for a bus in Montreal while it snows. Right: Snow-covered park in Toronto with the CN tower in the background.

Winter in Canada is making a comeback across the country and Canada's weather will be turning unusually cold thanks to "plunging" arctic air.

The Weather Network has forecast that a pattern change will frost over most of North America during the middle of November and almost everywhere in Canada and the U.S. will get "an abnormal chill."

There are two ridges of high pressure on either side of the country that'll send cold arctic air "plunging" south across Canada next week.

The Weather Network said that unusually cold weather will sweep across most of North America, meaning just about everyone from the west coast to the east coast will get below-seasonal temperatures next week.

In Canada, widespread colder-than-normal temperatures are expected to last for a while, stretching into the following weeks.

This will give some parts of the country their first shot of winter weather!

Over the weekend, southern Ontario is set to get overnight temperatures below freezing along with the season's first significant and "multi-day snow squall" event.

Then, as arctic air plunges south next week, flurries are expected in the Greater Toronto Area.

Recently, a 12-hour blizzard hit Nunavut, the first major snowstorm of the season, dropped up to 40 centimetres of snow in the Prairies and four of the coldest places on Earth were in Alberta, with temperatures between -27 C and -24 C!

What is Canada's winter weather forecast?

The Farmers' Almanac winter forecast for Canada called for cold temperatures and intense storms throughout the country.

Arctic air could drop temperatures down to -40 C in eastern parts of the country in January and a storm in February could bring up to 60 centimetres of snow to Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada!

Canada's winter forecast from the Old Farmer's Almanac predicted "surprise shots of extra-deep cold" and major snowstorms in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

The Weather Network's winter forecast called for a major pattern shift with widespread colder-than-normal temperatures and "a quicker start to winter than we have become accustomed to."

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