BC's Weather Forecast Calls For 'The Coldest Air On Earth' & It Could Reach Minus 40

There might be "mind-numbing amounts of snow" too.

B.C. in the winter.

B.C. in the winter.

The weather forecast in B.C. is looking chilly, to say the least.

The province is expected to get a cold snap next week thanks to air coming from Siberia, which will likely make for some bitingly cold weather.

The Weather Network said that "some of the worst cold snaps in Canadian history originate from Siberia," and pointed to instances like in December 2008.

"Just ask those living in Vancouver and western Canada about December 2008. Siberian air is the real deal, so planning should begin for contingencies and those most at risk," TWN said.

Oymyakon, in Eastern Siberia, reached a cool minus 61 on December 12, which is around the same temperatures seen in 2008.

TWN said that next week this cold air will move south, and this coming weekend B.C. could see some of it too. According to TWN, there is a ridge building across Western Alaska this weekend, which makes the "perfect conduit to rush the cold air across British Columbia and the Prairies."

This means that British Columbians are looking at temperatures in the minus 30s next week, even reaching minus 40 temps in some areas.

In terms of snowfall, TWN said that it's "too soon to finesse the details about coastal B.C. snow, but the moist Pacific Ocean interacting with Arctic air can often spin up weak lows that ultimately pose snowfall threats."

Looking at the past, apparently "some of the most memorable snow events in Canadian history have tapped into similar setups and delivered mind-numbing amounts of snow."

Go get ready B.C., because it's going to be a cold one out there!

Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is a Senior Editor for Narcity Media based in Vancouver, B.C.