A Newcomer To Canada Tried A Caesar For The First Time & It Brought Him To Tears (VIDEO)

"I wonder if anyone actually likes it." 😂

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TikToker @makhnachov trying a Caesar.

TikToker @makhnachov trying a Caesar.

After officially scoping out a liquor store and trying "Canadian beer" for the first time, TikToker Andrian Makhnachov (@makhnachov) finally tried the drink everyone had been saying he needed to taste: a (Bloody) Caesar.

Andrian, who is a Ukrainian refugee living in Saskatchewan, documents the wholesome and confusing moments he's experiencing while living here and a recent foray into Canadian alcohol had many telling him that the spicy, tomato-y beverage is the drink to try.

"Trying the popular Canadian drink Caesar for the first time," said the voiceover on his video as he held up a can of Mott's Clamato in the flavour Pickled Beans.

"Many people wrote that I should try this tomato juice. I found it today," he explained. "This drink is very Canadian. I was told to drink it every day to become real Canadian."

As he poured it into a martini glass, he had some observations.

"The smell is very sharp, but looks delicious," he shared. "I wonder who likes to drink it? Also write what I should try next," he urged his viewers.

"I like tomato juice so I think I would like it," he said before taking a sip and pulling a face.

"I didn't expect it to be so strange. At first it's like juice and then feel very strong vodka," he said before looking surprised at the alcohol percentage on the can.


Replying to @littlejarsandtreasures Have you ever tried it? Do u like it ? #GoodDeedsCup #canada_life🇨🇦 #makhnachov #saskatchewan #vancouver #toronto #poland #challenge @Andrian Makhnachov

He took another sip and had an admission: "I wasn't ready for this. My tears started to flow."

All in all, it seems this is not the drink for Andrian.

"I don't like it," the voice over stated. "I'm probably too young for that. I wonder if anyone actually likes it."

Over in the comments, people had some suggestions.

"Oh god not from a can! NOT FROM A CAN!!!!" one seemingly offended TikToker wrote.

"Oh my sweet summer child, please get one at a pub or bar," deplored another viewer..

"It's one of my favorite drinks but it's better with a lemon wedge & salt around the rim," added a user.

Well, you know what you need to do next, Andrian!

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