Canadians Are Debating Over The Best Way To Have Poutine & They Can All Agree On One Thing

How do you like your poutine?

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A person holding poutine.

A person holding poutine.

A question that will rile up Canadians any time of the day is probably "what's the best poutine out there?"

And a recent post on Reddit did just that.

A new post on r/AskACanadian, asked people "How do you like your poutine?"

It seems like a relatively easy question, and takes quickly started pouring in, with over 150 comments in roughly three days.

One of the most upvoted responses simply said: "squeakier the better" which is likely a reference to the traditional "squeaky" cheese curds that go along with the fries and the gravy. A good choice.

Many seemed to agree with this. There were a bunch of comments on the post saying that the curds are the most important part of a poutine, so much so that it seemed to be the one thing most could agree on.

One reply to that comment simply read "this is the only answer."

An emphasis on the curds also seemed to be a major theme, with some saying that as long as there are fresh cheese curds "I can forgive a lot."

Another said that they prefer their poutine "preferably from a crasse croute" which is a Quebecois name for a restaurant that serves light meals.

Some others went away from the orthodoxy of classic poutine and bravely set their own path.

"Mary Brown's tater poutine has really corrupted this poutine purist," said one honest Redditor. For those not in the know, the brand's poutine features hot gravy, cheese curds and chicken and is much-loved.

Of course, Quebec is going to proudly fly the poutine flag.

"In Quebec" read one comment to the question "how do you like your poutine?"

And honestly, that's fair. Loads of people agreed with this one, adding that having your poutine in Quebec is "the only answer."

Although these was some debate over whether Eastern Ontario should get included in the mix.

Maybe one of the more honest comments came when one user said they like their poutine "best when it's 3am and you're drunk." Or, as another user suggested, "stoned."

Love your poutine?

Well, you can actually try to recreate the classic poutine recipes from TikTok! Although, poutine purists may well want to stay away from too much experimenting.

Canada is also not the only place that is churning out incredible poutine.

There are some very interesting and unique poutine dishes around the world and they feature a lot of interesting add-ons.

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