Canada's Best 5 Poutines Have Been Named & They're Anything But Traditional

Not just fries, cheese curds and gravy.
Best Poutine In Canada Has 5 Winners That Are So Unique
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When it comes to what's considered the best poutine in Canada, five were given that honour as part of an annual week-long festival.

La Poutine Week has announced the restaurants that are national winners for 2021 and all of the champion dishes are so unique.

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La Gaspésienne 51 in Quebec City created "Cochonne comme ta MER" which is a mini burger with squid ink, snow crab and coleslaw on top of homemade fries, candied leeks, shellfish and cheese curds.

Montreal's La Belle Tonki won with "Kimcheesy" which is made with fries, cheese curds, spicy cheddar sauce, kimchi, homemade sweet and sour sauce and chicken popcorn. 

Chez Biceps BBQ in Quebec City came up with "La BBW," poutine topped with brisket, bacon and wings.

Located in Brandon, Manitoba, Joe Beeverz Canadian Pub's "Perogy Poutine" has fries in a "Beever Dam" formation that are covered with cheese curds and gravy then topped with potato cheddar perogies, sautéed onions, chives, bacon and sour cream. 

Mississauga, Ontario's Texas Longhorn created the sweet "Valentine putin" which is choux pastry-based fries topped with cream cheese balls, berries, chocolate sauce, raspberry sauce and whipped cream.

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