This TikToker Explained The Way To Get Gravy For Poutine That 'Only Canadians Will Understand'

All Canadians have heard of "pooteen plants," right?

​TikToker chefthomson showing how Canadians get gravy for poutine from "pooteen plants."
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TikToker chefthomson showing how Canadians get gravy for poutine from "pooteen plants."

A Canadian TikToker hilariously explained the way to gravy for poutine in Canada and it's something "only Canadians will understand."

@chefthomson, who works at Mountain Woods Golf Club in New Brunswick, posts videos on TikTok about the creations at the club's kitchen which include poutine of course.

In a video shared on July 28, Thomson took people on a journey to get gravy for some Canadian poutine.

"Only Canadians will understand," Thomson wrote in the caption of their TikTok.

"A lot of people have been asking where we get our gravy from. Now, if you're not from Canada, we actually grow our own right here on the course," they said in the video.

"They're called pooteen plants and, again, if you're not from Canada you probably have no idea what I'm talking about."

Thomson walked up to a bush in the garden and put a measuring cup underneath some of the plant's branches.

"Sometimes you can kind of just get it if you hold the —" Thomson started before gravy dripped down into the measuring cup and filled it up.

Then the TikToker showed off the gravy and said that is how you get gravy for poutine in Canada!


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Canadians continued the poutine gravy joke in the comments and one person said, "I love fresh gravy straight from the plant."

"I remember when I was a kid and getting gravy was a daily chore, I'd be out in the snow milking the plants for hours," someone else commented.

Another person said, "You're going to collapse our economy giving away these secrets! Next you'll be telling people maple syrup comes from trees too!"

It's not just Canadian TikTokers who post about the classic national food, newcomers to Canada have tried poutine and shared their thoughts on TikTok!

One Ukrainian refugee in Canada enjoyed their first taste of the dish but another one wished that just one thing was different.

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