This Southern-Style Poutine Has A TikToker 'Crying In Canadian' & It Looks Like A Crime

"What in the Canadian goose is that." 🫣

A "Southern-style poutine."

A "Southern-style poutine."

Poutine is an incredibly important national and culinary staple for Canadians, so to see it done wrong is just painful.

Over on TikTok, a video was recently posted to @joansinden's account showing a supposedly southern take on the Canuck classic.

"Dont do us like this Josh’s mom," said the caption for the post, while the text over the video simply said, "I'm crying in Canadian."

Josh's mom is asked if she's ever had poutine before, to which she responds, "No, but it's like a Canadian-type hearty meal and we're gonna try some today."

Josh's mom then pours some frozen fries into a bowl and throws them in the microwave.

She's then asked to spell the dish, which she successfully does, but as for pronunciation, it sounds more like she's saying "Putin" than poutine.

The next step in Josh's mom's recipe is to add gravy.

As she opens the tin, she's asked if the beef gravy she has is the right stuff, to which she confidently says "Yeah."

To finish off her dish, Josh's mom added a single slice of packaged cheese on top of her creation.

She's then asked if it's the right type of cheese.

"It's cheese, Josh," she says with what appears to be some exasperation in her voice.

After the whole thing is warmed up, the creation is declared "southern-style poutine."

"It's really good," declares Josh's mom.


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Over in the comment section, many Canadians shared their outrage.


"I'm sending the Canadian Government," said another.

"What in the Canadian goose is that," one user wrote.

You do you, Josh's mom — but maybe come visit sometime and try some Canadian poutine!

Narcity recently tried out poutine from fast-food restaurants in Canada where A&W was declared the winner, so perhaps that might be where she can grab one.

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Sarah Rohoman
Sarah Rohoman is an Editor for Narcity Media focused on Canadian celebrities and is based in Toronto, Ontario.