This TikToker Hilariously Described Canada For Non-Canadians & It's Pretty Brutal (VIDEOS)

Apparently one province is the "geographical equivalent of a wet blunt." 🤣

A map of Kingston that says "peaked in 1841." A map of Nunavut that says "world's hardest colouring book."

A map of Kingston that says "peaked in 1841." A map of Nunavut that says "world's hardest colouring book."

With 10 provinces, three territories and thousands of kilometres of land, various parts of Canada have wildly different personalities and this TikToker has poked fun at almost every spot.

Over on the platform, @kiltboyy, who is a self-described kilt enthusiast and survival artist, has a five-part series where he describes Canada to non-Canadians and it's pretty entertaining.

In his first installment, he describes Nova Scotia as "basically Scotland," Saskatchewan as "the world's biggest cornfield," and Nunavut as "the world's hardest colouring book," which probably stirs up some rough memories for anyone who went to school in Canada.

And "the world's biggest waste of space" goes to Manitoba. Ouch!


Day 1 of attracting tourists to Canada 🇨🇦

In the second video, he comes for Canada's most populated province.

He describes Ontario to be "Canada" and Toronto to be "downtown Canada." The GTA, he says, is "parking for people who work in downtown Canada."


Reply to @kiltboyy Day 2 of describing Canada to Non-Canadians! 🇨🇦😁

"You like fish? Wanna kiss one?" he said of Newfoundland.

As for P.E.I., he describes it as "a putting green surrounded by sharks," with the Confederation Bridge being the only thing preventing the putting green from floating away.


Reply to @kiltboyy Showing off the horrors of The North - Day 3 🇨🇦❤️🦈

He also got real about things up north.

"The price of gas and bubblegum are the same thing here," he said about the Northwest Territories.

Apparently, if you take off your jacket in Iqaluit, you trigger a death timer, and the Yukon is just like Squid Game: "There's gold at the end of a very long road, and if you hit a bison on the way, you lose!"


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In the last part of his series, he says that Kingston peaked in 1841 and had some pretty harsh words for B.C.

"The geographical equivalent of a wet blunt," he said about the West Coast province.

As for living in Vancouver? Apparently trying to find housing is like "trying to survive a horror movie as a horny teen."


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Brutal, but funny!

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