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Poutine. Right: A woman eating poutine.

Poutine. Right: A woman eating poutine.

Trying out poutine is almost a must for people who come to Canada, and this newcomer shared some real talk about the Canuck delicacy.

A man named Semion runs a TikTok account called @newcanadians where he describes himself as a "Ukrainian refugee exploring Canada life."

He recently taste-tested poutine, and in one of his latest posts, he introduced his wife to the dish.

"So how do you like poutine?" Semion asked.


My lovely wife @newcanadianmom trying #poutine for the first time! #Ukraine #refugees #canada_life🇨🇦 #canada #food

"It's nice, but I don't like the huge chunks of cheese in it," replied Kateryna. "I wish they were like smaller."

He then asked the audience if what she was eating qualified as "real poutine" since he got ripped for the poutine that he tried in his taste test which didn't have the traditional squeaky cheese curds.

"You like it?" he asked her again.

"Yeah," she replied with what appeared to be an air of indifference.

Over in the comment section, people seemed to be outraged over Kateryna's dislike of cheese curds.

"The chunks of cheese are the best part! Can never have enough!" wrote one person.

"She didn't like sqwick sqwick cheese??" questioned another. "Sacrilegious."

"My Canadian heart. If she doesn't want the cheese curds send them here please," said one person.

As well, people suggested that the pair try other Canadian delicacies like Nanaimo bars and take a trip out east to sample donair.

As for his own experience with the iconic dish, Semion tried it out in May at the urging of his viewers.


So this was awesome, any new recommendations? #canada_life🇨🇦 #refugees #Ukraine #Canada #poutine

"All right guys, you said I have to try poutine," he said. "The time has come. I was searching through the menu, and then I remembered you guys were telling me about this."

"Awesome," he said after taking a bite and wiping some cheese off of his chin. "No seriously, it's very tasty.

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