An American Asked Canadians How Bad Tim Hortons Coffee 'Really' Is & People Were Brutally Honest

"I can't believe how terrible their coffee tastes," one person said. 👀

​Person holding a hot Tim Hortons coffee and an iced coffee. Right: People holding Tim Hortons coffees.
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Person holding a hot Tim Hortons coffee and an iced coffee. Right: People holding Tim Hortons coffees.

People are being brutally honest about the coffee at Tim Hortons after an American asked Canadians if it's "really" that bad.

In r/AskACanadian, an American posted a thread about Tim Hortons on October 31, 2022, and revealed that they're intrigued by Tims because there aren't many locations in the U.S.

"One thing that comes up over and over is the quality of their coffee," they said. "I've heard a few people swear by it and say it's better than Starbucks. I've more often heard people say it's absolute swill, even worse than coffee from vending machines."

Then, they asked, "Is it really that bad?"

Of course, a bunch of Canadians responded honestly — some brutally so — about whether or not Tim Hortons coffee is actually bad.

"I think the Timmys in tourist destinations might be stacked a bit," one person said. "I drive through Jasper several times every year, and the quality of coffee and donuts is always top notch (or as top-notch as Timmys can be)."

Someone else shared that the Tim Hortons locations outside of major cities have better quality menu items.

"That's exactly what I have experienced too," another person said. "When I was in SK, MB, Tims go-toy go to place for coffee and breakfast. Now living in Vancouver, I can't believe how terrible their coffee tastes. But some locations are still good."

However, not everyone agrees with that.

One person said they've lived in a town with just a few thousand people and in a city with a million people and Tim Hortons coffee is "sh*t everywhere."

"It's a step up from gas station coffee. Not great, not terrible," someone else said. "But also everyone has different tastes so there's not really an answer."

"To me, Tim Horton's coffee has been 'home brew' quality and feel that I can have the same coffee at home, if not better," one Reddit user commented.

They continued and said that "the only thing" they would stop for at Tim Hortons now is Timbits.

While you might expect everyone to have a negative take on Tims, some people had kind words about the coffee.

"It's not bad, but it's not good either. It's... drinkable if there's nothing else," someone said.

Another person commented, "It's not the worst coffee I've ever had but it used to be a lot better!"

One person said they love Tim Hortons coffee and drink it every single morning.

Another revealed that they even prefer it over Starbucks and all other coffee shops!

"I think it's the best coffee around and the most reliable," someone commented. "You may [hear] Canadians chirp Tims on Reddit. But in real life, there is always a line, and every meeting you go to, everyone has Tims."

Then, another person gave insight into the reason why people continue to go to Tims even when so many people don't like it.

They shared that the coffee isn't terrible but isn't special either so "people stick to Tim Hortons because of tradition and culture."

There are more than 4,000 Tim Hortons locations in Canada and over 600 locations in the U.S., including in border states like Michigan, New York and Maine.

If you were wondering how much Americans know about Tim Hortons or what they think of the Canadian coffee chain, maybe this will give you a little insight.

A Canadian TikToker asked Americans what a double-double was and nobody got it right. People actually thought it meant a burger or even poutine!

Also, an American tried Tim Hortons for the first time after travelling to Canada and they said that "it's really just Dunkin' Donuts."

Apparently, it's just for "people who like cream and sugar more than they like the taste of coffee." Woah!

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