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If you're looking for some gear to pair with your morning coffee, Tim Hortons has you covered.

In celebration of National Coffee Day, Timmies has announced that they will be selling limited-edition running gear starting Thursday to aid in Canadians' daily "Tims Run" — that is, the coffee run people make throughout their day.

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If you go to Tim Hortons, you probably get the same thing almost every time but there are a bunch of menu hacks that can change the way you order.

You've probably heard of the "Tim Hortons secret menu" and seen videos of unique creations, but there's something you should know about it all.

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Very few things compare to a Tim Hortons Iced Capp in the summer or a piping-hot double-double in the winter, but would you actually give up two days of your life to get those for free?

One Tim Hortons superfan just spent 40 hours camped outside the newest cafe in the United Kingdom, and he did it all to win a one-year supply of free drinks from the famous Canadian coffee chain.

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When Tim Hortons finally opened in my city of Delhi, I couldn’t wait to see what the hype was all about. Canada’s most popular cafe was now literally within walking distance, so I headed there to taste-test some of Timmies’ classic treats, as well as some fusion items created especially for Indians.

The cafe in DLF Cyberhub in Gurugram is massive and can seat about 100 people. It is spacious and the famous Canadian maple leaves are everywhere – on the ceiling, on tables and even the plates. It looks really good.

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At my core, I am a hater of any Tim Hortons meal that is not a classic.

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