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This TikToker Explained A Canadian Stereotype That's Actually True & She Has A Point (VIDEO)

"Did I hallucinate that? I don't know." 🍁

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@ivannnana explaining a Canadian stereotype.

@ivannnana explaining a Canadian stereotype.

While there are some Canadian stereotypes that are downright untrue, like the fact that we're all naturals at hockey or are obsessed with Tim Hortons, this TikToker pointed out one that might strike home for some.

The account @ivannnana created a post about one of the things that she (kind of) remembers learning as a kid.

"Okay, most of the stereotypes that you guys have about Canadians are very inaccurate and like, downright silly, I would argue," she said.

"But I will give you guys the stereotype about maple syrup because we are kind of addicted to that sh*t to the point that I need any other Canadians to like confirm or deny — did we learn how to tap maple trees for maple syrup in literal school?" she asked. "Like elementary school? "


Canadians let me hear you make some noise !!!!! #canada #toronto

"Because I have that knowledge in my brain for some reason," she continued. "And I feel like they legitimately taught us how to tap maple syrup in school, which seems like a colossal waste of brainpower and education."

Hey, it's not a waste if you ever need to get some of that sweet, sweet sap!

"Did I hallucinate that?" she asked. "I don't know. But if it's true, that is so f*cking extra of us. But kind of funny and sad."

While those who grew up on the west coast probably didn't partake in tree tapping due to the lack of maples in that area, in other areas of the country, it's definitely a thing that was done on field trips in elementary and even high school.

Of course, the best part was eating syrup poured onto some snow as a treat after learning about nature, so it wasn't that bad in terms of educational school outings!

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